eliza tourism

The visitor's cognitive guide.

eliza tourism. transforming the visitors experience

eliza tourism uses cutting edge natural language processing technology powered by IBM Watson to deliver an astounding human–computer interaction experience.  Visitors will have an interactive and immersive experience on their mobile through gamification, ecommerce, cognitive capabilities, virtual reality, and location aware content.


Our location-aware features will allow eliza tourism to better answer queries related to the location of the visitor in the center or the city. It also allows for content that is pushed to be location specific. Maybe you require heat-maps of visitors in your center or city? Or you would like to make it easier for visitors to buy bus tickets based on their location?



Easily carry out e-commerce transactions for attractions such as museum tickets from eliza. You need to push attraction advertisements to visitors or allow them to buy souvenirs or other items during their visit, or maybe a ticket for another center?

Interactive and Immersive

Interactive and Immersive

Eliza supports multi-lingual content, gamification, virtual reality, cognitive interactions, social platform integration, rich media content; video, audio and much more.

the visitors cognitive guide

a sneak preview of how eliza can make a visit interactive and immersive

Multi-channel applications

Multichannel applications can leverage CogniAPI services adding cognitive features. These include using phone, VoIp, mail, chat, web forms, etc

Where can eliza help our visitor attraction?

eliza is able to work in many different environments and business cases as a visitor guide.  A visitor to the center can quickly inform eliza of his interests and eliza will serve as a guide throughout the visit.  Moreover, eliza is able to answer any center specific question via any interface instantly.  The strongest feature yet is eliza’s ability to easily integrate with other systems giving visitors a central application where it can ask anything about the center and also deliver location specific content.


  • Gamification
  • Social Platform Integration
  • Beaconing Localisation support
  • Cognitive capabilities
  • Push messages to the visitor
  • Location based content