What is NLP technology and how can this help my organisation?

Natural language processing (NLP) is related to the area of human–computer interaction.  Eliza uses the latest cutting edge NLP technology provided by IBM’s Watson.  This technology can help your business, drastically reduce email backlog, immediate and automated email replies, lower customer complaints, improve consistency in enterprise chatbot interactions, automate enterprise chatbot processes, faster training of enterprise chatbot agents and more.
Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

eliza is capable of automating many of your enterprise chatbot business processes based on rules, conditions and triggers. Using an easy to use panel you can automate business processes based on customer tone, urgency of task, type of query, type of customer and much more.

Email and Ticket Handling

Email and Ticket Handling

All your email interactions can be analysed by eliza, and eliza can automatically understand the email requests and automatically reply or recommend the best answers to these emails, drastically reducing backlog and improving your email response time.



One of eliza's main strengths is the reporting capabilities it offers to management. All interactions are logged, tagged and analysed by eliza providing management with a detailed insight on all enterprise chatbot interactions being handled by the organisation.

Multi-channel applications

Multichannel applications can leverage CogniAPI services adding cognitive features. These include using phone, VoIp, mail, chat, web forms, etc

Where can eliza help our organisation?

eliza is able to work in many different environments and business cases.   We are currently focused on business uses for Enterprise Enterprise Chatbot, Tourism and Education.  We are building a tool to improve and automate human interactions.

  • Automatically understand emails and take action based on the email content
  • Automatically reply to live chat requests or knowledgebase searches
  • Trigger business processes based on criteria
  • Offer granular reporting and analytical tools to give insight on what the end-users are requesting and reacting to eliza’s replies
  • Offer enterprise chatbot agents with a central system for all enterprise chatbot interactions
  • Consolidating an organisation’s interaction with customers


Vertical Markets supported out of the box:

Water Utilities
Electricity Utilities
Gas Utilities

Request a new vertical market corpus, or you may also build your own.  Contact us on [email protected] for more information.